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Tom Alberts in The Salon des Refusés

— Saturday 29th July 2017

PlantMan 2017 Oil on linen 132x106.5cm Salon des Refusees cropped
Tom Alberts's portrait of actor, architect, painter, life model and circus performer Paul McCluskey is included in the Salon des Refusès - the alternative selection from the yearly Archibald and Wynne Prize entrants - held each year at the National Trust S.H. Ervin Gallery.

Tom's artist statement on his painting:

The first time ever I saw Paul McCluskey I drew him. I’ve been drawing and painting him ever since. As a favorite life model there was something about him that reminded me of Watteau’s paintings from the 1700’s. Like Watteau’s figures Paul is physical, theatrical, tough and flexible, balanced by a rich feeling for life and art. His wide range of accomplishments include: painting, performing in theatre, opera, film, circus skills, Trapeze, tight-wire, stilts, tumbling, mime, dance, Commedia del Arte, singing and modelling. He is a fully trained architect and a founding member of the Life Models Society in Victoria.

One day Paul showed me the crazy plant hat and costume and I knew I would paint him in it. It’s one of my themes I guess - what if nature could speak – what would we learn if we could gaze into its’ mysterious eyes?


S.H. Ervin Gallery
Watson Road
Observatory Hill (The Rocks)
Saturday 29th July - Sunday 15th October, 2017

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PlantMan 2017 Oil on linen 132x106.5cm Salon des Refusees smaller

PlantMan (Portrait of Paul McCluskey), 2017
oil on Belgian linen, 132 x 106.5 cm

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