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Texture & Line: 1980s Abstraction from Charles Nodrum Gallery

— Sunday 7th October 2018

Rapotec Storm on Mount Olympus
An exhibition of 1980s abstraction from Charles Nodrum's collection at Burrinja Cultural Centre

Texture & Line: 1980s Abstraction from Charles Nodrum Gallery


Charles Nodrum begun collecting Australian art in the 1970s when he got his first job in the art world – at Joseph Brown Gallery in Melbourne.  When he opened his own gallery, in 1984, his personal collection acted as part of his stock and, through careful trading over the next 30 years, it has grown significantly in number and breadth.  The variety of work is wide - from traditional landscape drawings on paper by Harold Herbert, to anarchic 1960s assemblage work by Mike Brown – but the bulk of the collection is abstract painting, from which this exhibition comes.  Of the 1980s works in Charles’ collection, a stylistic line can be drawn fairly clearly between flat, precise geometric work, and textured, painterly expressionistic work, and hence this exhibition is presented in two halves to explore these two divergent types of abstraction.


Burrinja Cultural Centre

30 June – mid-August (Line)

mid-August - 7 October (Texture)


Further information will be available on the Burrinja website shortly

Since its establishment in 1984, the Charles Nodrum Gallery’s exhibition program embraces a diversity of media and styles - from painting, sculpture & works on paper to graphics and photography; from figurative, geometric, gestural, surrealist & social comment to installation & conceptually based work.