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Now Representing JUSTIN ANDREWS

— Wednesday 7th October 2020

Studio Portrait October 2020
The gallery is pleased to announce that we are once again representing Justin Andrews.

We held solo exhibitions of his work in 2009 and 2012 and worked in association with LaTrobe Art Institute to mount a solo show there in 2011
We will include Justin's work in our forthcoming group show Abstraction 20 and we look forward to presenting a solo exhibition at the gallery in 2021.

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Justin Andrews, Structure (03.2020), 2020
acrylic on canvas over plywood panel, 70 x 50cm


Justin Andrews has developed a form of geometric abstraction that points towards the complexity of contemporary existence.  He summons his compositions through the use of angular elements, dynamic colour and organic surfaces. He is best known for his acrylic paintings on canvas, stretched on frames and panels made entirely by his own hands.  His visual and conceptual language references early 20th century avant-garde art movements such as Constructivism and Suprematism, but in doing so extends on their currency and ability to engage the viewer.
In addition to local opportunities, Andrews sees his practice as part of an expanding network of contemporary artists. His ongoing commitment to communication allows him to contribute to the development of abstraction on an international level. Through collaborating with like-minded artist friends, he presents his work in galleries ranging from ARIs through to institutional spaces in Europe and New Zealand.  He also works within the areas of drawing, printmaking, sculpture, site-specific installation and, most recently, sound. He also maintains a curatorial and independent publishing practice. 

Over a 20 year period, Andrews has held solo shows and participated in group exhibitions both locally and internationally. He has work in institutional collections and regional museums. He lives and works in Castlemaine, Victoria.
He states that: 
My art focuses on time, transience and immersion. It’s essential in its nature, yet complex in its inference. I make my art to evidence my own existence and to place my work into the context of an unfolding, extended history. I make my art for a time that is here now and beyond my own. 
I’m inspired by how an abstract painting can remain nebulous and enigmatic even in today’s hard realisms and scientific representations. Amidst this technological era I aim to produce something that is timeless. 
The world is charged, propelled and sometimes torn with continuous dynamic forces. From within its conceptual core abstraction is able to evade that very hyper-tension that surrounds us, offering the viewer a perceptual moment of some kind that’s ‘other’ to everything else, unexplainable and undeniably human. 
An abstract painting will always be a point of material contact, a subjective proposition and a window into the unknown. 
Visit the artist's website at www.justin-andrews.info
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 Lissajous 2019 corner Lyttleton St and Frederick St Castlemaine

Lissajous, 2019, Exterior water-based paint on wall
Installation view (cnr Lyttleton St & Frederick St, Castlemaine)
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