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The Popular Pet Show

— Monday 13th March 2017

KH 2016 from NPG website
Kristin Headlam features in Sarah Engledow's exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra on till 13th March

Kristin Headlam


"The Popular Pet Show expresses the joy and warmth that many of us derive from our animal companions, and celebrates their trusting, unpretentious ways.  The exhibition includes portraits of Australians and their furry, feathered and fluffy friends by contemporary artists" - including Kristin Headlam.

 Self Portrait in bed with animals 1999

Included is her well known Doug Moran National Portrait Prize winning self portrait 'Self Portrait, in bed with the animals' (1999) now in the Tweed Regional Gallery Collection.  Engledow observes:

"It’s hard to get the eyes of a black dog right; yet by way of those eyes and the slightly lowered head, she conveyed the sense of Pamphlet’s characteristic keenness to do the right thing. The cat Hercules – a biter – was cranky, because instead of lying considerately, cosily still, Kristin kept shifting to set up the scene. His ears are flattened, and we sense his tail twitching. His mate Oscar’s intent on embodying the cliché about cats being hard to herd."


Basil steps out 2016

Also included is recent work starring her newest canine friend, Basil.  Engledow again:

"Basil steps out is his first appearance on canvas. It’s a happy picture.  The position of his ears, his high back, his outthrust nose and the angle of the lead – he’s preceding Kristin – attest to his satisfaction with his neighbourhood."

Read Sarah Engledow's full essay on Kristin here.

The exhibition continues till 13th March.  

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