Leonard Brown,  born: 1949 Brisbane, Australia

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One can cross barefoot 2008

Every word is a way out 2011

Every word is a way out 2011

It’s still raining 2009

Those who wished to follow him 2009

Memory is Like This 2002

Untitled 2006

Those who wished to follow him 2009

Experience untaught me the wor 2009

Deep midnight in the rice padd 2009

Naked, he left the house – the 2009

You give yourself with a wave 2009

Silence was missing 2009

Present by implication but not 2009

Take some pollen, from consola 2009

We walked for thousands of yea 2009

It's a long time since the las 2009

It's still raining 2009

Wings are given to seconds 2007

Woman in the Morning Sun 1991

Drawing 1986

Those who will some day live h 2005

Wings are given to seconds 2007

A little lower or a little hig 2007

Beautiful from the beginning t 2007

A kiss from the foam-trimmed s 2007

The essential thing is that he 2007

Nothing in the brain but the d 2007

Ample traces of blue throughou 2007

A little lower or a little hig 2007

The light at the birth of two 2007

Is there anything human withou 2007

Or what in other terms we call 2007

Breathing in rhythm. 2007

We shall have early fruit this 2007

Wings are given to seconds. 2007

Is it dawn or getting dark. 2007

Drips by day, drips in sleep. 2007

Only worms appear to mock the 2007

Perhpas the moment has not yet 2007

Cross over opposite to find yo 2007

Your hand copies the inconciev 2007

Brisbane after the wet 2004

He admired the Greeks because 2005

The voice of their thunder is 2004

Deep calleth unto Deep: at the 2004

As for those particles of fire 2005

Trying to remember dates and h 2005

These lines, these colours, th 2005

Image of a form turned to marb 2005

These rocks, a few burnt pines 2005

Wandering around among broken 2005

Morning makes dawn within me. 2005

and you hurried past me hiding 2004

Give us, beyond sleep, serenit 2005

Their oars, mark the place whe 2005

What ever they told me I had t 2005

Those who will some day live h 2005

Murmering broken thoughts from 2005

Earth made for vertigo 2005

Angels ascending and descendin Brisbane, 2001

Early Riser 2003

They came this way 2002

Memory is like this 2002

Blow the wind southerly 2002

Dawn at Nauplion 2002

Earthly reflections of heavent 2002

Agamemnon's blocks 2002

Photograph of where I live 2002

Something to hold 2002

Human relations 2003

At last alone together 2002

Angels ascending and descendin 2002

Rock of Ages cleft for me 2001

Cloud 2002

The Lake - Container of the Sk 2002

Yellow Desert Brisbane, 2002

The Moving Finger 2000